The first technology platform to bring e-commerce style shopper analytics to brick-and-mortar stores, brands and malls, RetailNext is a pioneer in focusing entirely on optimizing the shopper experience.

We design, develop and deploy digital signage based, omni-channel experiences that inspire consumers along their journey. From a single store location to thousands, we can deliver an array of robust cloud-based CMS solutions, installed at scale. 

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An ecosystem of applications use RetailNext traffic data to enable a wide range of functionalities helping retailers, restaurants and other location-based entities to deliver a seamless customer experience.

Use real-time data to drive content impact

By combining RetailNext’s live in-store analytics tools with the power of digital signage – retailers can accurately measure what messaging mix motivates shoppers to act now. This AI layer can then inform how content should react depending upon behavior patterns – removing the guess work and cost of conventional point of sale materials.

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Leverage insights to open a world of opportunities...

Optimize all Visual Merchandising touchpoints
Better understand how C-store shoppers are traveling the store from the outside, in – and which visual merchandising, fixtures, and displays are capturing attention or could be better optimized. This helps deliver a more cohesive experience critical in small footprint stores.

Deliver ROI and value back to Brands
Gain real-time insights on programmatic communications campaigns, and the ability to deliver customized signage content in real-time based on shopper behavior. Segment consumer journeys according to age group and gender. Identify trends and tailor content according to demographic type and spending habits.

Auditing and Compliance
Understand occupancy, traffic patterns, and other indicators that position the location and digital signage as key media reach and frequency vehicle; As well as delivering safety and compliance messages during peak times.

Digital signage drives results – real time analytics make it smarter

How are my window displays, signage, and promotions influencing the shopper experience and sales?

What is traffic to individual displays and how long do shoppers engage with products?

What percentage of shoppers who engage with a particular area buy the products displayed?

How do shopper paths differ from buyers?

What areas of the store are visited before a shopper engages with an associate for assistance?


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Understand your shoppers' journey
Use the data from metrics such as shopper dwells, zone transitions and the entire shopper journey to enhance their experience and increase conversion rate. Make sure appropriate signage is present at popular dwell locations, engage shoppers throughout the most popular paths through your stores, and offer tailored shopping recommendations.

Ensure your in-store marketing works at its best
Learn from shopper activity which displays and signage points are performing well. Analyze kinetic maps and data segmented by shoppers vs. staff as well as purchasers vs. non-purchasers to optimize placement and usage of digital signage. Offer buyers instant details on their purchases, and reach out to specific customer demographic groups based on what products in specific zones that demographic typically buys.