Navigating Through Change

COVID-19 Resource Hub

Welcome to the RetailNext COVID-19 resource hub. Our team has been working closely with retailers and industry experts to develop tools and materials to help you navigate through these challenging times. Discover best practices for data strategies, reopening stores, restaffing and rebuilding store teams and more.

Industry Reports and Surveys

CEO Retailer Pulse #1

March 2020

RetailNext conducted a pulse survey with global CEOs and retailers to gain insight into how their companies are managing in the face of COVID-19. The report covers how retailers are handling store closures, employee relations, store associates, strategic changes and rent. 

Finding the New Normal

Looking ahead of COVID-19

How do you manage recovery for physical stores once it is time to reopen stores again? In this post, learn best practices about managing the team, data strategies and supply chain disruptions. 

Blog Posts

A Message From Our CEO

COVID-19 Response

With global attention on the COVID-19 outbreak, we here at RetailNext wanted to reach out with some important information to help our customers and their teams navigate through this difficult and confusing time.

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Retail Recovery 

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Your Coronavirus Retail Survival Guide

COVID-19 Survival Guide

The coronavirus pandemic has presented an unprecedented level of anxiety and economic uncertainty around the globe, and it's forced retailers to re-examine their fundamental strategies to be prepared to survive and move forward. 

CEO Retailer Pulse #2

April 2020

Following up on our first survey, RetailNext continued working together with CEOs and other retail leaders from around the world to conduct a second pulse survey to share knowledge and actions so that we all can be best prepared for “The Great Reopening”.

Benchmark Traffic Report

COVID-19 Special Edition

This special edition of the benchmark traffic report aggregates millions of retail performance data points in physical stores in the United States, and provides an overview and analysis of shopper traffic trends, with data cuts by industry, geographic region, segment, store type and more.

Tips for Dealing With COVID-19 Challenges 

Step-by-step guide

What do you do when your world is turned on end and you are faced with opening stores and receiving customers after something like COVID- 19? Nobody has all of the answers, but take a look at our latest step-by-step guide for some ideas.

EMEA Region Retail Performance Pulse

COVID-19 - May 2020 Store Results

RetailNext, the world-wide leader in smart store retail analytics, is pleased to announce that the latest EMEA Region Retail Performance Pulse is currently available for download. This monthly report aggregates millions of retail performance data points to give you  insights on how the industry is performing during this pandemic. 

Reopening Fundamentals

COVID-19 Webinar Series 

Bridget Johns, CMO of RetailNext dives into some leading questions around reopening stores in the time of COVID-19. Bridget speaks with our very own Anna Vitchacholchai who leads our Retail Engagement Manager team at RetailNext. 

Retail Recovery Checklist 

The ‘Great Reopening’

As retailers plan to reopen stores, it is crucial to prepare the team and customers for being back in business in stores. Whatever the strategy, most closed stores will reopen in due time and all will need to execute like never before. But “how” is the big question. 


COVID-19 Webinar Series 

We welcome Angela Larch, a RetailNext Retail Engagement Manager and long-time store operator who will be speaking with Bridget Johns, CMO of RetailNext. This session dives into some leading questions around labor forecasting, recruitment strategies and motivation techniques for retailers.

Data Considerations

COVID-19 Webinar Series 

In our third Retail Recovery webinar, we discuss the topic of “Data Considerations” in the time of COVID-19. This video dives into the data strategies that will be crucial for
retailers as they start to reopen stores and get back to the "new normal”.